I am sad to share Gibbon Public Schools will continue to operate without students in the building, and we are preparing for the fact this might be the case the remainder of the school year. While the building may be closed in the traditional sense, PLEASE COUNT ON INSTRUCTION TAKING PLACE TIlE REMAINDER OF THIS ACADEMIC YEAR. This means learning for all students will continue in an alternate setting, and instruction will occur through Zoom, instructional packets, and other venues identified by the classroom teacher.

Gibbon Public Schools just finished our first week in an alternate learning environment, and we understand the Coronavirus Pandemic has placed additional burdens on our families. After all, parents and guardians must work to provide shelter, clothing and food for their children. However, we can’t ignore the ethical obligation to continue your child’s education. It is extremely important that your children participate in the learning experiences designed by teachers. Failure to do so may impact your child’s growth and development, ability to graduate, participation in extracurricular activities, or promotion to the next grade level.

The family of Gibbon Public Schools is saddened may be how the 2019-20 school year will end for our students. Students enjoy coining to school, interacting with their friends, and visiting with their teachers. Students will miss out on experiencing traditional celebrations, participating in extra-curricular activities, and enjoying relationships nurtured this school year. While life has thrown us this new challenge, I am quite confident our entire community will respond in an admirable and heroic way. Please monitor your child’s completion of assigned tasks and do not hesitate to contact the teacher if you have any questions. We want to prevent students from falling too far behind their peers. Thank You.

I have added additional information that will serve Gibbon Nation well as they consider the best approach to contacting the school district or securing new, current information about the school district Office Hours. The office will continue to perform daily operational tasks; however, this will occur in a non-traditional way.  On Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, the office will be open from 7:30 a.m. to 4:00. Although we will not allow individuals inside the building, we will have secretarial and administrative staff available to take phone calls, answer emails, and respond to requests. On Tuesday and Thursday, our staff will work from home and will be able to respond to emails. Please do not hesitate to use email to contact one of us. Please leave a message if you are unable to connect with any individual.

Here is the contact information
Dr. Vern Fisher, Superintendent – vern.fisher@gibbonpublic.org
Tina Godfrey, Elementary Principal – tina.godfrey@gibbonpublic.org
Troy Lurz, High School Principal – troy.lurz@gibbonpublic.org
Jeff Montgomery, Asst. Principal/AD – jeff.montgomery@gibbonpublic.org
Ken Waddle, Counselor – keri.waddle@gibbonpublie.org
Cindy Nickel Secretary, Elementary – cindy.nickel@gibbonpublic.org
Veronica Trevino Secretary, Secondary – veronica.trevino@gibbonpub1ic.org
Carlia Brundage Business Manager – car1ia.brundage@gibbonpublic.org
Brenda Avina, Translator – brenda.avina@gibbonpub1ic.org
Ed Uden, Technology – ed.uden@gibbonpub1icorg
Deanna Stall, Technology – deanna.stall@gibbonpublic.org

Office Phones
Elementary (308) 468-6546
Secondary (308) 468-5721

Social Media
Social Media offers parents, students. and the opportunity to frequently monitor different sites and learn more information. The District’s website will be updated each Thursday by 1:00 p.m.
Dr. Fisher’s Twitter Account — @fishervern
District’s Twitter Account – @gpsbuffs
Gibbon Boosters Facebook Page
Gibbon Elementary School Facebook Page
Gibbon Public Schools Facebook Page

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GEF Continuing Education Scholarships

The Gibbon Educational Foundation (GEF) will be awarding several Continuing Education Scholarships to graduates of Gibbon Public Schools for the 2020-2021 academic year. The guidelines and application for these scholarships can be downloaded from this website. The application is located on the Students Tab – 2020 Scholarships link at the top of this page. The deadline for applying is June 5.

Positive Mindset Zoom Every Friday

Mrs. Waddle, the guidance counselor, will be having a Positive Mindset Zoom session every Friday. The session for the elementary will be at 1 pm and the high school at 2 pm. Be sure to watch Schoology and email for the Zoom ID.

Counselor Help or Support

Students, if you need help or support, the guidance counselor wants to hear from you. Please use the following link to check in with Mrs. Waddle; it is a safe place to express how you are feeling or to share a story:  COUNSELOR CHECK IN .

This link is also located under the Students Tab – Counselor’s Corner at the top of this web page.

School Closed in Traditional Setting–Learning Continues

Unfortunately, Gibbon Public Schools will continue to operate without students in the building, and we are preparing for the fact this might be the case for the remainder of the school year. While the building may be closed in the traditional sense, PLEASE COUNT ON INSTRUCTION TAKING PLACE THE REMAINDER OF THIS ACADEMIC YEAR.  Click here for more information:  Alternate Learning Environment.

Padres: Lea la carta del Dr. Fisher obre distanciamiento social

Estimado Padre, Tutor:

El distanciamiento social es un gran inconveniente. De hecho, de distanciamiento social son absolutamente necesarias para nosotros debe hacer nuestra parte para &enar Ia propagaciOn nosotros y a nuestros seres queridos que corren un alto riesgo es una gran interrupción. Pero las inten’enciones frenar Ia propagación de COVID-l9. Cada uno de este virus en este momento. Esto nos protege a de contraer enfermedades. . . LEE MAS

Parents: Please Read Dr. Fisher’s Letter on Social Distancing

Dear Parent, Guardian, or Caregiver:

Social distancing is a major inconvenience. In fact it’s a huge disruption. But social distancing interventions are absolutely necessary to slow the spread of COVID-19. Every one of us must do our part to slow the spread of this virus right now. This protects us and our loved ones who are at high risk for disease. . . READ MORE.

Pre-School/Kindergarten Registrations Needed

Gibbon Public School is needing all pre-school and kindergarten registration forms completed and returned to Cindy Nickel in the elementary office. If you still need the registration form, you may download it here. Please email them back to her as soon as possible at:  cindy.nickel@gibbonpublic.org

Pre-School Registration Form/lnscripcion Pre Scolar 2020-2021
Kindergarten Registration Form/Inscripcion de kinder 2020-2021

All NSAA Activities Suspended Through May 1

The following announcement has been made by the NSAA:  All NSAA activity practices and competitions are suspended through May 1st.  These suspensions may be extended should the conditions warrant.

Member schools and student-participants are expected to adhere to the NSAA Constitution & Bylaws and activity manuals during this time.

The NSAA encourages all member schools to follow CDC, local, state and federal health department recommendations. As more information becomes available, official updates will be posted on the NSAA website and the NSAA social media platforms.

NSAA Facebook

NSAA Twitter (@nsaahome)

Update: District Music Cancelled

The Nebraska Schools Activities Association (NSAA) has announced that District Music Competition has been cancelled.

Escuelas Públicas de Gibbon Plan de comunicación

La pandemia de Coronavirus ha obligado al distrito escolar a cerrar indefinidamente sus puertas. Las Escuelas Públicas de Gibbon quieren asegurarse de que nuestros estudiantes, padres y patrocinadores tengan información oportuna y relevante de manera consistente durante esta situación. Revise la siguiente información para obtener más información sobre el plan de comunicación del distrito escolar….LEE MAS

GPS Communication Plans

The CoronaVirus Pandemic has forced the school district to indefinitely close its doors.  Gibbon Public Schools wants to ensure our students, parents and patrons have timely and relevant information on a consistent basis throughout this situation.  Please review the following information to learn more about the school district’s plan for communication…READ MORE

Almuerzo “Grab n Go” a partir del lunes 23 de marzo

Las Escuelas Públicas de Gibbon ofrecerán un almuerzo “Grab n Go” a partir del lunes 23 de marzo hasta nuevo aviso. Los almuerzos “Grab n Go” estarán disponibles de 11:30 a.m. a 12:30 p.m. De lunes a viernes en el lado oeste del edificio de la escuela. El personal distribuirá almuerzos fuera del edificio. Nadie será permitido entrar a el edificio de la escuela por ningún motivo. Los niños de 1 a 18 años son elegibles para recibir un almuerzo GRATIS por día.

“Grab n Go” Lunch Starting Monday

Gibbon Public Schools will be offering a “Grab n Go” lunch starting Monday, March 23, until further notice.  “Grab n Go” lunches will be available from 11:30 a.m. – 12:30 pm Monday through Friday on the west side of the school building. Staff will distribute lunches outside the building. No one will be allowed in the school building for any reason. Click here for more information:  FREE Lunch.

Alumni Banquet Cancelled

The Gibbon Alumni Association Board has made the decision to cancel the alumni banquet for this year.

School Board Special Meeting Minutes

Special Meeting Minutes — March 18

NCTC Support For Internet Service

NCTC is committed to supporting our area schools and families in the communities we serve during this unprecedented time.

Beginning today, we are offering the following for households in our service area with K-12 and/or college students that will need Internet access for online learning.
• We are waiving the $185 set up and installation fee.
• We are not requiring our normal one-year contract.
• We are extending our March promotion through April 30th. Sign up and get one-month free Internet service.

Families may call NCTC at 1-888-873-6282 to sign up.

A credit check will be processed and a deposit may be required. This offer does not include any special construction that is needed. Special construction must be paid in advance of the service.

Expectations While School Is Closed

Please read the following Parent Fact Sheet so you are aware of the main sources of communication that Gibbon Public Schools will use, the expectations for parents and students while school is closed during the Corona Virus outbreak, as well as some additional reminders. This is also posted under the COVID-19 Tab at the top of this page.

Versión en español incluida debajo de la versión en inglés.


Message From Nurse Sam

Tips for Parents regarding COVID-19:

Listen and check for information from reputable sources. CDC, Two Rivers Health Department, your regular healthcare provider.  These sites are being updated frequently. Don’t believe everything you see on social media.

Practice good daily hygiene habits. Wash your hands often …READ MORE

Read Immediately: Student Supply Pick-up

Gibbon Public Schools is preparing families for an extended period of time where education will occur in a non-traditional setting. Beginning Monday, March 23rd, the school district will deliver educational experiences using digital formats or through instructional packets.  Teachers have designed lessons ensuring your child’s education will continue while the school district is closed.  To prepare families for this event, we will provide supply bags with items including: technology, report cards, parent information sheet, and lesson plans for your child’s school work and personal belongings.

Click here for more information:  Parent Fact Sheet/Pick-up Times March 19

We will evaluate our status every week.  Please keep in contact with the Gibbon Public Schools website.