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Professional Development

Providing ongoing training for educators is absolutely critical to building knowledge and skill in the use of technology, curriculum development, instructional practices, classroom management, and keeping abreast with changes to federal and state accountability measures. Time is required to provide training experiences so educators can build these skills, and time is necessary for teachers to collaborate with their peers on effective practice.

Gibbon Public School’s has implemented a concept called Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) to provide that needed time. Experts and researchers have identified PLCs as a powerful school improvement strategy that improves student achievement, increases the level of academic performance expected for all students identifies interventions to help students who struggle, and provides enrichment opportunities for students who have already experienced academic success. Implementing PLCs is a journey and Gibbon Public Schools has begun our journey by unpacking academic standards to define the skills, knowledge, and dispositions all students are expected to know and be able to do.

Professional Learning Communities (PLCSs) meet on Mondays and this will typically happen twice per month. Students will be dismissed at 1:45 p.m. on those Mondays providing a time when PLCs meet, plan, and discuss student performance. Teachers collaborate within grade-level teams and in content area teams to identify standards that all students are required to master, identify and agree upon the level of performance expected for all students, and review and discuss several pieces of information that confirms all students are achieving at high levels of learning.

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School Safety

We are excited to welcome our families to the 2019-2020 school year, and we can’t wait until we see students walking in the halls of Gibbon Public Schools.

Gibbon Public Schools is committed to raising expectations for student performance, increasing the level of academic rigor for all students, and cultivating a safe learning environment. It is the last comment, a safe learning environment, that we wish to emphasize in this version of SUPTs On.

As we begin the new school year, school safety continues to be a major theme and a source of attention for Gibbon Public Schools. Given the events of these past several weeks, and most recently in Texas and Ohio, it behooves us to remain diligent with our efforts to ensure a safe learning environment exists for students, staff, parents, and guests.

One strategy intended to improve the level of safety is to limit and control access into the facility. Gibbon Public Schools has implemented a keyless lock system that requires folks enter the facility at specific locations. Students, staff, parents, and guests will only be able to access the facility through the use of a FOB or by being “buzzed” in by office staff.

School staff will be expected to utilize a FOB when entering the facility while students, parents, and guests are asked to “buzz in” at the following locations:

  • Parents whose children attend the elementary school and pre-school program are asked to enter the building on the northeast side of the facility. This entrance is located near the main parking area on the east side of the building. Please look for the blue “Elementary” signage that marks the point of entry into the building.
  • Parents whose children attend the secondary school are asked to enter the building on the southeast side of the facility. This entrance is located near the main parking area on the east side of the building. Please look for the blue “High School” signage that marks the point of entry into the building.
  • Guests and visitors are also asked to enter the facility at those same two points of entry. For example, if a visitor wishes to visit with the elementary principal, he or she must look for the blue “Elementary” signage that marks the point of entry into the building and enter at that location.

After entering the facility, guests and parents are asked to “sign-in” and then secure a “visitors” badge
from office personnel. Please wear that badge and please make sure the badge is visible while you are on campus. Although Gibbon is a relatively small community, it is impossible for staff, students, parents, and guests to personally know each individual they encounter. Wearing a badge informs students, staff, parents, and other guests that each individual has gone through the process of entering the building and the school is aware they are on campus.

When leaving the facility, please reverse the process. Hand-in your badge, sign out, safely exit the
facility, and enjoy the remainder of your day. Thank You.

We realize this is a change in practice, and in some cases, asking students, staff, and guests to follow
these procedures may appear inconvenient. Please know we appreciate your willingness to work with the school district as we continue to ratchet up the level of safety for anyone who may be on campus. Thank You!

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School Safety and Security

Gibbon Public Schools takes the safety and security of students, staff, and visitors seriously, and because of this, we are constantly looking at methods that improve our practices, procedures, and policies.  We also take seriously our partnership with the community, maintaining an aesthetically pleasing environment, and being an excellent steward of the taxpayer’s dollar.  Considering this behavior, Gibbon Public Schools (click the title of the post to keep reading) …

Professional Learning Communities

Regardless of the occupation, keeping up with current trends, learning new skills, staying abreast of rules and regulations, and mastering new techniques are behaviors exhibited in all successful organizations. Finding time when you can train staff on new techniques, introduce new skills, or learn changes to existing practice is always a challenge. This challenge exists in the world of education as well. Providing ongoing training for educators is absolutely critical to build knowledge and skill in the use of technology, curriculum development, instructional practices, classroom management, and keeping abreast with changes to federal and state accountability measures. (Continue reading by clicking on the title of this post!)

*NEW* Supts On! – Thundering Herd

It has been a few weeks since I offered a SUPTs On and I apologize for failing to connect with you prior to today.  However, Gibbon Public Schools has been very busy participating in planning activities designed to enhance the learning environment and educational experiences for EVERY member of our family.  Since our last edition of SUPTs On, parents, students, community members, teachers, and our board of education have developed a Strategic Plan, created a collaborative planning process, and increased the number of voices involved in decisions that impact our school district and our wonderful community. Read More Here!

Supts On! – April 4, 2018

Gibbon Public Schools is taking a serious look at the protocols and procedures associated with School Safety. This serious look involves revisiting language and expectations for students and staff, reviewing information for different drills and our response to each situation, and setting the stage that being familiar with our safety protocols and procedures is the responsibility of our entire family. Students and Staff.

The past two weeks, representatives from our safety and crisis teams presented information on Gibbon Public School’s Standard Response Protocol to staff and secondary students. Our goal is to strengthen our approach to school safety while increasing the level of knowledge connected to the Standard Response Protocol. Reviewing information is the first step.

Practicing different scenarios will be our next step, and learning from each time we practice a drill will help us improve procedure and protocol. On March 28th,  we practiced our processes and protocols associated with a Tornado Drill. This went well and we are in the process of evaluating how we might improve our approach to this particular situation. In addition, we feel it is important to share with the community of Gibbon that our intention within the next few weeks is to take our students and staff through another drill focused on a different situation. Please be on the lookout for more information on our next drill.

Please do not hesitate to contact me or the school if you have any questions or suggestions on how we
might improve. School Safety is a family issue, and in Gibbon, #WeAreFamily.

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Continuous Improvement – Calendar Change

The Gibbon Public Schools is committed to continuous school improvement and dedicated to raising the level of academic performance required of all students. Providing professional development where educators are trained in the areas of unpacking academic standards, creating a strong curriculum, identifying levels of performance expected of all students, and developing classroom assessments to determine that students achieve the level of performance established for them is absolutely critical in the support of this commitment.

We share this information because a change in the district calendar will take place to offer the time
necessary for quality professional development. April 11, 2018, was originally scheduled as a 1:00 p.m. dismissal for school improvement. The change, there will be NO SCHOOL on April 11th so that our education family can participate in a full-day of professional development in the areas mentioned above. We value your support and appreciate your patience while we make this subtle change to the school calendar.

Thank You!


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Supts On! – Preparing Students for College and Career

Preparing Students for College and Career

Supts On! by Dr. Fisher

Gibbon Public Schools is constantly focused on successfully preparing our students for life after high school.  Accomplishing this meaningful task requires school districts to continuously examine current practices and determine if those practices reflect what is occurring in the real-world.  We are looking at increasing academic and behavioral expectations, redesigning courses required for graduation, and connecting our curriculum to real-world experiences to determine if these experiences truly prepare students for life after high school. These goals will….

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Yearbooks for Sale – years including 2015-16 & 2016-17

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Gibbon Nation – Featuring Gibbon Varsity Cheerleaders

Hey Gibbon Nation.  Did you know our cheerleaders host a cheer camp for our youth?  The Gibbon Cheerleader Team held a cheerleader camp in September and we wish to celebrate this event.

During the week of September 5th through the 9th, the cheerleaders hosted a “Little Buffs Cheer Camp” for ages preschool through 6th grade.  WE had a wonderful turnout with thirty-seven students participating in this event.  Our youngsters practice cheers with the varsity cheerleaders for three days.  The culminating activities included the opportunities to cheer along with the Gibbon cheerleaders for the first half of the varsity football game versus North Platte St. Pats, ending the camp with a performance of a couple of new cheers at halftime.  Sponsors for the camp were Code 3 BBQ, Lambert’s Family Pharmacy, Show Stopper Kites, Lonnie Jurgens Company, Mark Jurgens Construction Inc., and Jacobsen Orr.  The cheerleader family wishes to thank these sponsors for their donations and support of the Gibbon Varsity Cheerleaders.

Go Buffs





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New Feature — “Supts” On

As a new means of communication, Superintendent Dr. Fisher, has started the blog “Supts” On. He will be posting district news and information frequently. You may read his blog by clicking on “Supts” On at the right side of this web page.