Central Nebraska Track Championship Qualifiers

Congratulations to the track athletes who qualified for the Central Nebraska Track Championships which will be held at Grand Island Northwest (today) Monday, April 24–Jade Bentley, Parker Kenton, Kaylee Palmieri, Maliyah Rivera, Miranda Smith, Chase Smith and Nathan Holcomb. Good luck!

3:00 pm High Jump–Miranda and Chase Smith

5:15 pm 3200 M Relay–Jade Bentley, Maliyah Rivera, Parker Kenton and Kaylee Palmieri

6:05 pm 1600 M Run–Miranda Smith, Kaylee Palmieri and Jade Bentley

6:15 pm 1600 M Run–Nathan Holcomb and Chase Smith

7:20 pm 800 M Run–Kaylee Palmieri and Miranda Smith

3200 M Run–Nathan Holcomb