Leer de Inmediato: Recogida de Material Estudiantil

Las Escuelas Públicas de Gibbon están preparando a las familias para un período de tiempo donde la educación se llevará a cabo en un ajuste no tradicional. A partir del lunes 23 de marzo, el distrito escolar brindará experiencias educativas utilizando formatos digitales o através de paquetes de instrucción. Los maestros han diseñado lecciones que aseguran que la
educación de su hijo/a continuará mientras el distrito escolar esté cerrado. Para preparar a las familias para este evento, proporcionaremos bolsas de materiales con artículos que incluyen: tecnología, reportes de calificaciones, hoja de información para padres y planes de lecciones para el trabajo escolar y las pertenencias personales de su hijo/a.

Haga clic aquí para más informaciónHoja Informativa para los Padres/Hora de Busqueda el 19 de marzo

Evaluaremos nuestro estado todas las semanas. Manténgase en contacto con el sitio web de las Escuelas Públicas de Gibbon.

Board of Education Special Meeting Agenda – March 18

Special Board Meeting Agenda – March 18

A Message From Our Superintendent

Gibbon Nation,

Your education family met today and dedicated time to develop lessons for all students should we be out-of-school longer than this week.  These lessons will be delivered online and teachers have crafted alternative methods for instruction giving students the opportunity to remain on track with their coursework.  We have a little work left before rolling out these methods but ask that you constantly review the District Website for new information.

I know you are incredibly proud of your school district.  I am incredibly proud of the response of our educators in meeting the challenge of this new foe called CoronaVirus.

Bob Mitchell Memorial Scholarship Available

The 2020 Bob “Goofy” Mitchell Memorial Scholarship is now available under the Students Tab – Scholarship link at the top of the page.

School Board Meeting Minutes–March 9

Board Meeting Minutes — March 9

Talking To Kids About COVID-19

Parents please talk to your children about the Coronavirus. The following link is a great resource from Well-being Safety Assessments, LLC to help guide you when talking to your children and teens: Talking To Kids About COVID-19.

All NSAA Activities Suspended

The NSAA has made an announcement.  “Effective Monday, March 16, all NSAA activity practices are suspended until Monday, March 30, and all NSAA activity competitions are suspended until Thursday, April 2. These suspensions may be extended should the conditions warrant.”

Mobile Food Pantry Postponed

The Mobile Food Pantry scheduled for Friday, March 20, at 2:00 pm has been postponed.

Activities and Events Postponed/Cancelled

The following Lou-Platte activities and events have been postponed:

  • Art show on March 18
  • Band on March 21
  • Quiz bowl

The Sutton varsity track meet scheduled for Monday, March 23, has been cancelled.

Patron/Guest Key FOBS Disabled

Key FOBS for all guests/patrons have been temporarily disabled.

GPS Facilities Closed To The Public

Please be advised that all Gibbon Public Schools facilities are closed to the public until further notice.

Notice of Board of Education Special Meeting–March 18


The School District of Gibbon
In the Counties of
Buffalo and Kearney
In the State of Nebraska

NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that a Special meeting for the purpose of
discussing strategy to address the district’s need in addressing the CoronaVirus Outbreak of the Board of Education of Gibbon,
in the Counties of Buffalo and Kearney, in the State of Nebraska,
will be held on the 18th of March, 2020 at 6:00 pm at the
Gibbon Public School,
1030 Court in the Distance Learning classroom
which meeting is open to the public.
An agenda for such meeting, kept continuously current is available at
the Office of the Superintendent.

Brian Kroll
President of the Board

Extended Spring Break

Gibbon Public Schools will extend our Spring Break for one week, from Monday, March 16th through Sunday, March 22nd.  The facility will be closed to all activities, practices and community events.  All staff report at 8:30 am on Monday, March 16th.

Buenas tardes,

Las Escuelas Públicas de Gibbon extenderán sus vacaciones de primavera por una semana, desde el lunes 16 de marzo hasta el domingo 22 de marzo. La escuela estará cerrada a todas las actividades, prácticas y eventos comunitarios. A todo el personal se le pide que se reporte a las 8:30 am el lunes 16 de marzo.

COVID-19 Resources

Several pieces of information on COVID-19 provided by Two Rivers Public Health Department can be found under the new tab at the top of this page labeled “COVID-19” for your own benefit.  Things are moving quickly and  changing day-to-day.  Please look for more information coming soon. 

Board of Education Meeting — April 16


The School District of Gibbon
in the Counties of
Buffalo and Kearney
in the State of Nebraska

NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the meeting of the Board of Education of Gibbon, in the Counties of Buffalo and Kearney, in the State of Nebraska, will be held on the 16th of April, 2020 at 7:00 p.m. at the Gibbon Public School, 1030 Court in the Distance Learning classroom which meeting is open to the public.  
An agenda for such meeting, kept continuously current is available
at the Office of the Superintendent.

Brian Kroll
President of the Board

The Approach to Public Concern Over Corona Virus

Gibbon Nation,

I am confident you have had several opportunities to listen to multiple news reports on the Coronavirus Outbreak, and I am also confident folks have many questions about how your school district is responding to this crisis.  This version of SUPTs On is intended to share the district’s approach to this public concern.

This past Sunday, every superintendent in the state of Nebraska participated in a video-conference call with the Commissioner of Education to learn more about the outbreak, specifics associated with the virus, and how school districts across the state of Nebraska are responding to a particular incident.  These conference calls will occur each Sunday until we have weathered this particular storm.

Today, superintendents from school districts across Central Nebraska, met at Educational Service Unit #10 in Kearney to visit with Jeremy Eschliman, the Health Director at Two Rivers Public Health Department.  During this meeting, I recommended that area superintendents (Kearney, Gibbon, Ravenna, Shelton, Wood River, Ord, Loup City and many others) participate in a weekly video-conference to stay abreast of recent developments connected to the virus itself, hear how the virus has impacted their respective school district, and discuss how each district intends to respond to every case involving COVID-19.  We agreed, that by keeping each other informed, we will collectively make better decisions for the entire region.

In Gibbon, we are taking the following actions –

Attempt to maintain a sense of normalcy for our students, staff, and community,
Monitor news reports and follow the spread of Coronavirus,
Collaborate with Twin Rivers Public Health Department, and other school districts, for the purpose of staying abreast of recent developments and learn more about the impact of Coronavirus,
Encourage folks to take steps to protect themselves (those can be found in the link provided below),
Urge that students and staff stay home when they have symptoms that include fever, shortness of breath, coughs, and sneezes, and
Share information and coordinate response with Lonna Pickel at Little Buffs Adventure Center.

Please go to the following links to learn more about Coronavirus, COVID-19



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3rd Quarter Ends Wednesday

The end of the 3rd quarter is this Wednesday, March 11. As a reminder, students who are failing more than one class will be ineligible for extracurricular activities for the 4th quarter. Those who have missing work will be temporarily ineligible until the work is completed and turned in.

Spring Break Thursday-Friday

This Thursday and Friday, March 12-13, is Spring Break for all students and staff at Gibbon Public. Have a safe and enjoyable break!

Access to the School Facility

I was recently made aware of Facebook posts claiming the school district is not allowing representatives of the community to use the school facility. This claim is highly inaccurate and using social media to make posts of this nature creates confusion, frustration and sometimes anger that unfortunately places the school district in a negative light with the community. This version of SUPTs On is intended to address this false information.

I’ve listed several “FACTS” that supported the district’s decision to tighten up safety and security through a keyless entry system and a facility use form.

FACT: Given events that have occurred internationally, nationally, and within the state of Nebraska, we can no longer ignore the reality that violence can occur in our community or in our school district at any time. Think back to this past summer when an incident that involved a shooting occurred in Gibbon. This reality demands a practice and the commitment to constantly seek ways of making our community and our school district a safer place.

FACT: The school district failed to follow policy approved and monitored by the Gibbon Public Schools Board of Education. Policy exists to provide guidance and direction for the use of facilities. Failure to follow policy impacts a level of liability for the school district.

FACT: The school district’s initial goal is to focus on the needs of students, athletically and artistically.  Once that initial goal is satisfied, our secondary goal is to offer residents of Gibbon the opportunity to use the facility.

FACT: The school district found the number of keys handed out over time made it virtually impossible to know who had access to the facility. This practice made it difficult to monitor who was in the facility, when individuals were inside the facility, and did not give the district the ability to effectively secure the facility for students, staff, and patrons.

FACT: Individuals who were not residents of Gibbon had keys to the facility. The district had no way of knowing when keys were passed around giving access to individuals from surrounding communities.  Individuals who do not pay tax dollars to support Gibbon Public Schools, and do not reside in Gibbon, should not have access to the facility.

FACT: There were times when administration would receive a call from Buffalo County Sheriff’s Department who found the facility doors wide open or propped open. This would happen at all hours of the night. An environment where individuals had unlimited access to the facility jeopardizes the level of safety for students, staff, and patrons.

FACT: Unlimited access to the facility brought additional expenditures associated with utilities, damage to property, and theft of property which created an additional burden on the district’s budget. The school district wishes to be an excellent steward of the taxpayer’s money.

FACT: We have staff working in the facility late at night and they deserve an environment emphasizing safety. Our staff now know when there are other individuals in the facility, those individuals were required to walk through a protocol to gain access to the facility.

FACT: We have patrons and community groups using the facility and they deserve an environment that emphasizes safety. Those who use the facility now know when there are other individuals in the facility, those individuals were required to walk through a protocol to gain access to the facility.

FACT: Our community DOES HAVE ACCESS to the facility. All one has to do is exercise the following steps:

  1. Please go to the district website to review board policy, administrative regulations, and the facility use form to learn more about gaining access to the facility. These can be found under the “resource” tab on the district’s website,
  2. Please call the office to arrange a time to submit the facility use form and secure a Key Card. There is a $10 fee for the Key Card, and
  3. Please comply with administrative regulations and expectations outlined in the facility use form.  Thank You.

We teach our students to be respectful and responsible at all times. Students and educators work together to identify goals, develop strategies, and monitor effort to determine the impact of our work. This means we ask questions, bring solutions to problems, and work together to arrive at a common purpose.  Sometimes this means we respectfully agree to disagree and we refrain from misrepresenting fact.

We hope the same behaviors are embraced by the residents of Gibbon. Please call the district office to ask questions, express concerns, and offer suggestions. Placing inaccurate information on social media, sharing inaccurate information, discussing inaccurate information, and misrepresenting the facts is a waste of time and energy for everyone.

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Lou-Platte Conference Art Show

The annual Lou-Platte Conference Art Competition will be held at the Jackson Dinsdale Art Center (700 East 12 Street, Hastings, NE) from March 16-21. The art gallery hours are Monday-Friday, 9-5 pm, and Wednesday, 5-9 pm. Art work by students from ten area conference schools will be on display and judged for the competition. The awards ceremony at Calvin H. French Memorial Chapel on Hastings College Campus is set for Saturday, March 21, at 1:30 pm.