School Safety and Security

Gibbon Public Schools takes the safety and security of students, staff, and visitors seriously, and because of this, we are constantly looking at methods that improve our practices, procedures, and policies.  We also take seriously our partnership with the community, maintaining an aesthetically pleasing environment, and being an excellent steward of the taxpayer’s dollar.  Considering this behavior, Gibbon Public Schools (click the title of the post to keep reading) …

…has moved to a keyless card system with the purpose of raising the bar on expectations associated with safety and security.

Shortly after the conclusion of this school year, any individual who wishes to access our building will no longer be able to do so using the typical key.  Individuals will be required to use a fob or a card to access our building and will only be able to do so at specific locations, during specific times.  Using fobs or a card gives the district greater control over the groups requesting access to the facility and when certain groups are actually in the building.  Using fobs or a card will also provide the district with valuable information on who may have broken equipment, vandalized a room, or left doors propped open exposing the building to potential perpetrators.

The school district has started the transition to a keyless entry system by introducing processes and procedures to current employees.  We are issuing fobs and explaining expectations associated with the use of the fob, and this process should be completed by the end of this school year.  During this transition, we are assessing how the transition progressed and we are trouble-shooting areas that are not as clean.  For example, a keypad on one of the doors was not working properly.  With this information in hand, we were able to address one problem area quite quickly.  Using this process to assess and trouble-shoot offers valuable information on our efforts to raise the level of safety and security for the entire school district.

This summer, we are reviewing board policy, revising the procedure to request the facility, and develop a practice for the issuing of cards to members of our community.  This may take most of the summer and folks who are not employed with the district may not have immediate access to the facility.  Our goal is to have policy, procedure, and practice solidified by the first of August.

We appreciate your patience while we transition away from traditional keys to a keyless system.  Please look at our website to find more information. 

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