Students Represent Well At ACTIONS Day

Congratulations to the following students for placing at ACTIONS Day competition held at Central Community College in Hastings on Wednesday, March 28: Collin Dorsynski,  Accounting – 1st, General Math – 5th, Sport – 5th; Samantha Mercer, Genetics – 1st, Chemistry – 2nd; Maliyah Rivera, Art – 4th; Brett Gillming, Electricity – 5th; Edhel Escandon, American Geography – 5th; Shelby Davis, English 1 – 5th; Nathan Allan, Art – 4th; and Cassidy Cooper, Art – 5th. There were approximately 650 students from 27 high schools that competed at ACTIONS Day, which stands for Academic Competition That Inspires Our Nation’s Scholars. Great job representing yourself and Gibbon!