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It has been a few weeks since I offered a SUPTs On and I apologize for failing to connect with you prior to today.  However, Gibbon Public Schools has been very busy participating in planning activities designed to enhance the learning environment and educational experiences for EVERY member of our family.  Since our last edition of SUPTs On, parents, students, community members, teachers, and our board of education have developed a Strategic Plan, created a collaborative planning process, and increased the number of voices involved in decisions that impact our school district and our wonderful community. Read More Here!

The next several editions of SUPTS On will highlight decisions made through this collaborative effort, and we want to emphasize initiatives that will be implemented during the 2018-19 school year.  The reason for this approach is connected to communication and informing the community how new initiatives will impact the school district. All decisions are aligned with best practice and research, and all initiatives were identified to ensure high-quality experiences for every student.  To begin, I would like to share our collaborative planning process.I’ve included a visual of the school district’s planning process and my goal is to share decisions made within this structure in future editions of SUPTS On.  Nicknamed the Thundering Herd, every teacher, and board member has a voice in decisions that impact our school district, students have a voice in the way decisions impact them, and individuals representing parents and members of the community have a voice in the direction of Gibbon Public Schools.  Together, Gibbon Public Schools has reviewed what is going well and how we might build upon this work. Our school district has also considered opportunities where we can grow and enhance educational experiences for all students.

Beginning with the four sub-groups of Culture, Structures, Academic Achievement and College and Career, we are taking a comprehensive look at expectations associated with behavior, curriculum and instruction, school spirit, and the skills that prepare students for college and career.  Also, while we take time to review what we offer, decisions must be respectful of the impact of change on an entire community and being fiscally responsible with resources supplied by taxpayers.

It takes time to initiate the level of change occurring in our school district, and changing attitudes, behaviors, practices, and programs doesn’t occur overnight.  Especially if we expect to do this well! Gibbon Public Schools does believe the structures we’ve created will ensure continued growth occurs each day, each month, each year for our students and our school district.  In the next edition of SUPTs On, I will be sharing information on the best strategy associated with continuous school improvement. Professional Learning Communities.

Thundering Herd Planning Process

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